Local Cook Inlet entrepreneur finds innovative way to profit from fish waste

A local fisherman-turned-entrepreneur from Cook Inlet has found a way to profit from salmon heads.

Pat Simpson, 49, buys chum and red and pink salmon from local businesses to make Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil supplements.

The venture with his company, Alaska Marine Nutrition, which makes the supplements, is part of a dream to enable fish processors in remote places to use the oiliest part of a salmon — its head. This portion of the fish may be prized in other cultures but often is returned to the ocean in Alaska fisheries.

And, her business is booming. Within the first three years, she sold all of her products and still had more orders to process.

Simpson reports the fish heads have the largest amount of the oil, and it would be tossed in the garbage if she didn’t purchase it for the gel tablets.

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