WeGoLook looks for new agents in Alaska

WeGoLook has expanded to offer independently contracted agent positions in Alaska. The company specializes in third-party verifications and customized tasking for its consumers through a crowdsourcing platform, leveraging a distributed virtual labor pool to complete tasks by connecting the labor demand to the supply.

Individuals can sign up to be a Looker (agent) in just minutes through the company’s website. Once the application is approved, the individual is eligible to take on orders (Looks) with the company. Looks that fall within an agent’s specified range are emailed within minutes of the order being placed in the system. Lookers can accept or reject any assignment, and Looks pay $25-$200 depending on the amount of time spent and data required.

The company is a diverse field services platform featuring over 10,000 agents in the U.S. Agents capture dynamic data and complete a variety of custom tasking on behalf of an individual or corporate customer and are required to pass background checks prior to doing so. Services are currently provided for various financial institutions, insurance companies, automotive and heavy equipment clients, auction platforms and other industries.


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