Interactive map shows Alaska ranks No. 1 for investment in business management software

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Find Accounting Software’s study and interactive map show Alaska ranked No. 1 with the largest percentage of companies investing in new business management software.  Other states that also received top rankings were New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Virginia.

The data is the result of five years of input from 27,824 individual companies. The study considered national buying patterns for key business management systems including: accounting, ERP, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer relationship management software.

State business software investment rates vs. national average

California lead the nation with the largest raw number of companies conducting new business software searches.

But when adjusted for the number of registered businesses in each state, the data showed that companies in Alaska were the most likely to have pursued new business management software. Companies in Alaska were 45 percent more likely than the national average to seek new software for their businesses.

The state with the lowest percentage of state-based companies pursuing investments in business management software? Delaware. Forty-one percent fewer companies in Delaware sought new business management software compared to the national average.

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Source: Find Accounting Software

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